Hydent Bros Inc. is a US based holding company with investments in several hygiene, oral care, protection, medical and fulfillment supply chain companies between the US, Europe and China.

Brushette Inc. 

An oral care brand that revolutionizes your dental hygiene with patents in electric toothbrushes, replacement heads, mouthwash and so forth.

Gigsign Corporation

Gigsign ensure worldwide dropshipping of Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Supplies from China to the rest of the world through B2G and high-end B2B channels.


Graffn™ is a wear brand based on the graphene technology that has unique protective properties, starting with the respiratory masks reusable for 30 days.


Medicalarmos is the PPE brand specialized in fulfilling B2C channels.


Sell On WeChat is a logistics and fulfillment supply chain services, bringing foreign brands to China through its WeChat app 微代卖

StreamTease International Ltd.

The backbone trading company with over 15 years experience serving clients with their sourcing and quality control needs in China.

Hydent Bros Inc.
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